Workshop Program

Schedule for Sunday, April 13

8:15am–8:30am: Welcome

8:30am–9:30am: Invited Talk

  • Callisto: revisiting parallel runtime systems for multicore architectures
    Tim Harris (Oracle Labs Cambridge)

9:30am–10:30am: Session 1: Heterogeneous Multicores
Session Chair: Simon Peter

10:30am–11:00am: Coffee Break

11:00am–12:30pm: Session 2: GPUs
Session Chair: Chris Rossbach

12:30pm–14:00pm: Lunch

14:00pm–15:00pm: Invited Talk

  • Down the Tubes: Sacrificing cores to build fast and heavily pipelined network stacks
    Herbert Bos (VU Amsterdam)

15:00pm–15:30pm: Session 3: Multicore
Session Chair: Jan Sacha

15:30pm–16:30pm: Coffee Break and Poster Session

16:30pm–17:30pm: Session 4: Parallelism
Session Chair: Donald Porter